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Re-thinking guided surgery

Weak mechanical material properties of DLP-printed surgical guides require a bulky design which has negative impact on several factors:
  • complication of flapped surgery
  • limited visual access to surgical site
  • limited access of irrigation liquid for cooling

CrystalGuide metal surgical guides accomplish a complete paradigm shift:
  • very open and thin design for visibility and cooling of surgical site
  • superior material properties allow thin design combined with rigidity and biocompatibility
  • can be sterilized like surgical instruments and is tailored for all guided surgery kits, also now available for use with Densah osseodensification drills.

new service:
CrystalGuide tailored for Densah burs
The best of two worlds joins together:

  • Osseodensification with Versah Densah burs
  • advanced guided surgery with CrystalGuide laser sintered CoCr surgical guides

Versah Guided Surgery System
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