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Crystal Guide
extremely efficient workflow in your practice with CrystalGuide

1. appointment (30 min)
  • evaluation, impression taking, CBCT
The models will be scanned optically in your lab, and you send us the DICOM-data of CBCT and stl-files of models by (free).
you send us your comments with desired implant positions and planned extractions if applicable and your comments.
  • 3D implant planning
According to your wishes we set up the case and proceed with a planning proposal. We provide you without cost with 3D planning software GuideMia which you install on your computer.
We send the project folder by wetransfer and you can open the case in your software.
We organize a tamviewer meeting to discuss the planning and make changes up to your approval.
2. appointment (30 min)
  • you show your patient the planning on the computer
  • your patients will see their individual case precisely planned in 3D
  • pictures say more than 1000 words. Your patients will be easily convonced and agree to your treatment plan, but also will share this overwhelming experience to family and friends which can be your next patients.
  • CrystalGuide
  • after your approval design of surgical guide and production
3. appointment (< 1h)
  • you proceed with guided surgery and minimal-invasive technique
  • Due to less trauma and shorter time of surgery your patients will have significantly lower discomfort post op
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